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I did extensive research to find the best breeder possible. I previously had a Maltese named Levi that lived to be 18 years old. Unfortunately the breeders I got him from were not honest and following AKC breeding standards. He had many issues his entire life. So it was extremely important to me to find a responsible and professional breeder that bred healthy puppies. 


After meeting Terry and the puppies, I could tell she was a very responsible breeder and it was a perfect fit! Cash and Pippa are brother and sister from Kennel Sunsational. They bring so much joy and love into our lives! They have so much personality and are so loving! In fact, they are so healthy that when I took them in for their first vet appointment the vet was so amazed that she got on Terry's waiting list for a Maltese! We are so in love with our Maltese pups and very thankful to be apart of the Kennel Sunsational family! 


Cameron Park, CA

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